The ATJLF is governed by an Executive Council who provide overall oversight of the organisation, including the recruitment of the Director and other staff members.

The organisation also has an Advisory Committee (AC) made up of seven people, including representatives of the two funding foundations. The Advisory Committee provides high level strategic programme direction of the fund. They also provide matrix management of the Director of the ATJLF Secretariat. The Advisory Committee also makes final decisions on award of grants.

Advisory Committee



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Fatou has more than 20 years’ professional experience working on human rights in Africa with civil society, governments and IGO. For many years, she oversaw ARTICLE 19’ work in West Africa. She helped established the regional office of ARTICLE 19 for West Africa in Senegal which she headed until recently.

She has delivered technical assistance to governments on human rights, reform of media law policies and freedom of expression and access to information on the African Continent. Prior to ARTICLE 19, she worked for the Institute for Human Rights and Development in Africa and developed inter alia programmes for the judiciary and legal practitioners in the Gambia.

She is the Chair of the Board of Directors of the Gambia Radio and Televisions Services and member of several boards and committees of human rights institutions in Africa and adviser to the African Commission on Human and Peoples Rights (ACHPR). She is Founder of the Center for Women Rights and Leadership in the Gambia (CWRL).

She holds an (LLM) in Economic and Communication Law, a Master’s Degree in International and European Law, a Bachelors of Law (civil law) at the University of Toulouse, Capitole and a Bachelor of English Language Specialty Law, at the Institute for languages and Civilisations.

She received many distinctions and awards for her human rights work: these include, the French National Order of Merit (Chevalier dans l’Ordre National du Mérite) in 2018, the Shield Awards for West Africa by the Pan-African Human Rights Defenders Network in 2019 in recognition of her human rights contribution in West Africa, and in 2020 the Press Freedom hero by the Gambia Press Union.