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Call for Application: Consultant – Reparations Programme Landscaping Research.

We are pleased to announce a call for proposals from suitably qualified individuals to conduct a landscaping research exercise for the Africa Transitional Justice Legacy Fund (ATJLF). The principal purpose of this consultancy is to support the Africa Transitional Justice Legacy Fund (ATJLF) to undertake a comprehensive landscaping research on ongoing initiatives on reparations and healing for historical crimes (i.e., the transatlantic slave trade, slavery, and colonialism) in Africa. The aim is to conduct purposeful research and exploration of potentially useful continental reparations objectives and initiatives, with a view to enabling the organisation to identify and decide on areas of strategic interventions. Interested candidates for this consultancy should apply by submitting their scope of work and their profile or resume that detail their qualifications, suitability and methodology for undertaking this assignment by email to on or before 15th April 2023.  Please submit the following documents as part of your application:

A cover letter, indicating how your skills and experience meet the qualifications listed in the ToR attached;

  • A proposal of no more than 5 pages;
  • A resume or CV;
  • A draft budget, including consultancy fees and all other  desk-based research related expenses.

Click here for more information on how to apply.

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