Call for Proposal: ATJLF Learning and Evaluation Partner

We are pleased to announce a call for proposals for the ATJLF Learning and Evaluation Partner. The purpose of the consultancy partnership is to help ATJLF learn and review its organizational as well as grant-making strategy. The Evaluation Partner will provide constructive feedback and recommendations that support areas for improvements, inform the Advisory Committee and the ATJLF Board about the position of the organisation in its transitional justice efforts, and improve understanding about the work and business models of ATJLF. To apply for this opportunity, please send the following in separate documents to by 31st January 2022:

  • A cover letter, indicating how your skills and experience meet the qualifications listed in the ToR attached;
  • A proposal of no more than 10 pages;
  • A resume or CV for key members of the proposed evaluation team (compiled in one document);
  • If the Evaluation Partner team is comprised of individuals from multiple firms, a delineation of a lead organization who will manage fiscal matters with the ATJLF on behalf of all members of the Evaluation Partner team; and,
  • A draft budget, including consultation fees and all other evaluation-related expenses (including travel). Proposed budgets should outline, in detail, key responsibilities assigned to each team member along with their respective rates.

Download: Monitoring and Learning Partner

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