Press Release for Cohort 3 Grantees

The Africa Transitional Justice Legacy Fund (ATJLF) today announced, over $1.5 Million US dollars in funding to 28 (twenty-eight) organisations from six West African countries, to advance Transitional Justice (TJ) efforts in the sub-region.

“This is our third cohort of grantee-partners. For this cohort, we have awarded almost 80 percent of grant funding to organisations we have already been working with for the past years.” said Makmid Kamara, Director of the ATJLF.  “This is testament to our commitment to ensuring sustainability and continuity of the excellent transitional justice interventions that these organisations have been implementing. Our intent is to keep transitional justice at the forefront of efforts to protecting peace, democracy and preventing countries from sliding into conflicts and violence, especially at a time of unprecedented instability caused by recent coups in the sub-region and disruptions by the COVID-19 pandemic.”

The 28 grants will continue to strengthen existing national interventions being supported by the ATJLF. The awarded projects will seek to revive, sustain, and amplify citizens’ involvement and survivors’ agency in transitional justice efforts across the selected West African countries.

The funding and technical supports given to these groups and organisations are all geared towards contributing to advancing informed public discourses at local and national levels in the respective countries. All funded projects reflect the ATJLF’s ambition to support solution-oriented initiatives that are grounded in the realities of the affected societies.

“The uniqueness of the ATJLF funded projects is that they are all community-based and community-centered initiatives that aim to promote social cohesion, communal healing through psychosocial counselling and many are victim-led processes that seek to transform existing societal relationships characterized by subordination and other forms of exclusion,” said John Ikubaje, Chair of the ATJLF Advisory Committee.

“In this third round of grant-making, we have funded projects that seek to consolidate the gains we have made in the previous grant cycle. We hope that the successful grantees will now continue to ensure that they collaborate effectively to promote truth, justice and accountability in their respective countries, and they give visibility to the work they are doing in their communities.”

The grants have been awarded to organisations and groups in Cote d’Ivoire (2); The Gambia (7), Liberia (4); Mali (4); Nigeria (6) and Sierra Leone (5) with a deep understanding of the socio-political realities and interests of the victims and survivors, and with a view to ending the culture of impunity in the respective societies. All the projects will be implemented over a 12-month period and are expected to commence immediately.

The ATJLF is an independent grant-making organisation funded by the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation and Wellspring Philanthropic Fund. Based in Accra, Ghana, the organisation provides sub-grant support to civil society, community-based, and survivor-led organisations in undertaking meaningful transitional justice initiatives in West Africa. The organisation also provides technical assistance to the African Union Commission through the Department of Political Affairs, Peace and Security.

Click on the link below to view the organisations receiving grants in this third round:

Download Grantees List Here.


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