Truth, Justice & Accountability

We support locally-driven truth-telling, truth-seeking and restorative justice-oriented and communal healing initiatives that promote accountability for atrocious crimes and serious human rights violations in the contexts of conflict, post-conflict and dictatorship societies in the seven countries.

We support local initiatives geared towards reducing barriers to fair and accessible justice in transitional societies. We encourage and invest in innovative (particularly demand side, survivor-led) projects that seek to demand respect for the rule of law and ensure equal access to justice, especially for disadvantaged and marginalized groups.

We also Support accountability and justice-related projects that are grounded in a deep understanding of the socio-political realities and interests of victims, and with a view to ending the culture of impunity.

Additionally, we support dissemination and awareness-raising initiatives for the utilization of continental and regional accountability mechanisms such as the AUTJP and ECOWAS TJ Handbook at continental, regional and national levels.


We support projects or initiatives that engender “transformative reparations” for victims, survivors and societies in post-conflict or post-dictatorship transitions.

We support initiatives that amplify economic, social and cultural rights (ESCR) in transitional justice processes and interventions, with a view to promoting economic justice especially for women and young people and persons with disabilities;

We also support peacebuilding and development initiatives that explore linkages between conflict resolution and prevention with socio-economic development (drawing from relevant AU Agenda 2063, especially Aspiration 1 –inclusive growth and development).

We support grassroots initiatives that aim to transform existing societal relationships characterized by subordination and socio-economic as well as gender or other forms of exclusion.

Institutional Reform and Enabling Environment

We support new media and technology initiatives to generate, increase and sustain awareness, community engagements and an enabling environment for successful reform processes (directed at journalists, editors, documentary filmmakers, etc.) to help in the dissemination and mediatisation of reforms.

We additionally support regional, sub-regional and national initiatives that seek to accelerate institutional and constitutional reforms (where strategically possible).

We also support small-scale reform measures directed either individually or collectively at civil society, the security sector (e.g. the police, army and intelligence institutions), the justice sector (Lawyers, judges, magistrates, paralegals) and lawmakers (MPs, senators, where applicable) that will create the enabling environment for reforms.