Transitional Justice Policy

This is the African Union Transitional Justice Policy, This Transitional Justice Policy (TJP) is conceived as a continental guideline for African Union(AU) Member States to develop their own context-specific comprehensive policies, strategies and programmes towards democratic and socio-economic transformation, and achieving sustainable peace, justice, reconciliation, social cohesion and healing. The TJP is meant to assist AU Member States to address these objectives in an integrated and sustainable manner.

The AUTJP is an African model and mechanism for dealing with not only the legacies of conflicts and violations, but also governance deficits and developmental challenges with a view to advancing the noble goals of the AU’s Agenda 2063, The Africa We Want. African societies have been dealing with transitional processes for many decades in their quest to come to terms with the traumas of slavery, colonialism, apartheid, systematic repression and civil wars.

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