ATJLF Enters Legacy Phase, Unveils Three-Year Commitment to Transformative Transitional Justice Initiatives Across Africa

The Africa Transitional Justice Legacy Fund (ATJLF) was established in 2019 to pioneer and promote African-led and enduring transitional justice efforts on the continent. What began as a three-year $3.5M project of the Ghana-based Institute for Democratic Governance (IDEG), became an independent entity in 2021, and will evolve to become an institutionalized nine-year $15M fund by 2026, with an increased scope and financial commitment to support community-led, transformative interventions in Transitional Justice contexts in West Africa.

ATJLF is proud to announce that we are at another inflection point, and a defining moment in our evolution.  Staying true to the purpose of our establishment, and in line with our strategy of empowering local partners to engage in transformative and sustainable interventions that meaningfully contribute to the pursuit of truth, justice, and accountability, and building on the gains since we began our grantmaking 6 years ago, we have designated the next three years (2024 – 2026) as our Legacy Phase of work. The end of this Legacy phase in December 2026, will also coincide with the definitive sunset of ATJLF as an entity.

The Legacy phase aims to support our partners with the implementation of innovative, enduring, and transformative projects. We will also place a premium on enhancing the capacity of our partners, and the sustainability of their interventions. To achieve this, our grant-making model will change beginning in 2024. We will no longer be awarding one-year grants; we will instead support a smaller number of partners with more substantial financial and technical support for the duration of the legacy phase. The legacy grants will include an exit plan focused on institution strengthening. Our desire to responsibly exit and leave our partners on stronger footing, is why we are announcing our sunset three years in advance.  Our goal is to ensure that our grantees receive the necessary support to enable them to sustainably continue their work even after ATJLF exits the field. To that end, we are deepening our commitment in this final phase, by supporting transformative projects that will leave behind a legacy of initiatives across the continent. We will achieve this by increasing our financial support, enhancing our mediums and methods of communicating our collective work, embarking on an evaluation, and learning agenda, providing technical assistance, as well as establishing a community of practice that will foster peer learning, sharing of knowledge and best practices, and establishing networks. These combined resources will ensure the organizational resilience, strength, and well-being of our partners.

To ensure the successful implementation of this phase of work, we have doubled our staff from five to ten, and strengthened our operations. We have also begun work towards this phase in earnest and will be making a series of announcements very soon. In the interim, we invite you to join us on this exciting journey by visiting our newly re-launched website, and by signing up to receive our latest news and updates. We look forward to partnering with you.