ATJLF in Liberia

Since the end of Liberia’s second civil war in 2003, there has been considerable progress towards peace. August 2023 made it twenty years since the Accra Comprehensive Peace Agreement was signed. The year 2023 also makes it fourteen years since the anniversary of the Liberia Truth and Reconciliation Commission Report. However, after all those years, efforts towards seeking accountability and the demand for reparations have not yielded positive results. There has been a lack of political will to implement the Report of the Truth Commission. Successive governments have failed to commit to the recommendations in the report. This has therefore made the relative peace in the country a fragile one. ATJLF supports local organizations in Liberia to enhance the agency of victims and survivors in the demand for accountability.
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Spotlight Projects

The ‘Justice for the Past to Peace and Inclusion for the Future’ project engaged local communities in an awareness campaign on the recommendations of the Truth Commission. It achieved this through the production of handbooks on reparations and memorialization for high schools; community’ documentaries screening and dialogues; radio and social media awareness, the project rekindled citizen awareness of the Truth Commission.

Through theIdentification and Documentation of Massacre Sites in Liberia’ project, awareness was raised about the Truth Commission via radio programs. Technology was also employed as a tool to gather information about 35 new massacre sites in the Rivercess and Lofa counties. These sites were documented and memorialized  

Country Partners