Where we work

The ATJLF’s spheres of operations and activities are Africa based and African-focused. The entity operates from Ghana, with a continental aspiration starting with a priority of seven West African countries (Cote d’Ivoire, Gambia, Guinea, Liberia, Mali and Sierra Leone), but expanding its operational scope to other parts of the continent as and when strategically relevant and operationally feasible.

For countries such as Mali and Nigeria that are still experiencing conflicts/violent extremism and where no formal transitional justice program has been instituted (in the case of north-eastern Nigeria), the ATJLF will support initiatives that seek to ddevelop and create spaces and opportunities for victims’ and survivors’ groups to tell their stories as part of informal and community-led truth-seeking and truth-recovery processes. We will also support projects that seek to ensure that there is documentation of abuses and mass atrocities that may inform ongoing and/or future efforts to guarantee justice and accountability. Additionally, we will provide support for traditional justice processes and mechanisms that enable greater stakeholder community and citizens’ participation and engagements as part of peacebuilding efforts.

We support organisations and groups in Cote D’Ivoire, Gambia and Guinea, where the authorities have instituted transitional justice processes with the associated established mechanisms still ongoing and not yet concluded. In these countries, we will seek to support projects to enhance outreach and public education on ongoing transitional justice processes that will engender governmental responsiveness. We will also support initiatives to strengthen victims’ and survivor groups’ ability to engage in a transparent and inclusive manner in the interests of accountability and survivors’ rights to transformative reparation programmes.

For Liberia and Sierra Leone that are in advanced stages of transitional justice process and in the phase of implementing findings and recommendations, the ATJLF will support projects that seek to strengthen strategic collaboration across civil society that enable greater collective demand on government to implement transitional justice recommendations. We will seek to enhance public advocacy towards implementation of recommendations from transitional justice programs. Our funding support will also be geared towards creating opportunities that will build relationships between civil society and government/political authority to engender ‘political will’ and the enabling environment that allows societal ownership of transitional justice programs. And finally, we will support organisations to contribute to institutional strengthening and reforms by advocating to ensure that the processes are inclusive of broad victims’ and survivors’ issues.