Making Victims Reparations Ready in The Gambia

For me, the most important takeaway from the session … is to take good care of my mental health since it is key to my healing process”. Beneficiary

The Africa Transitional Justice Legacy Fund supported The Gambia’s Victim Centre to implement a project in twenty-four (24) victim communities spanning five (5) regions of the Gambia. The objective of this project was to provide victim communities with accurate information about the conclusions of the Truth, Reconciliation and Reparations Commission (TRRC) to minimize frustrations and promote sustainable peace and unity.  A total number of 720 participants were sensitized on the TRRC reparation process. In addition to this, ten (10) sessions of psychosocial education were conducted across six regions with 200 people benefitting from this activity.

According to the assessments conducted before and after the sessions, the project enabled participating survivors and victims to have a better understanding of reparations and the type of reparations envisaged by the TRRC. It also provided them with the knowledge and procedural steps to take to ensure their recognition and eligibility for reparations as envisaged by the TRRC.

The Radio talk show component of the project also attracted an estimated nine thousand (9000) listeners per episode across The Gambia and significantly boosted knowledge and understanding reparations were enhanced. During each of the radio talk shows, listeners took the opportunity to make phone calls and express their concerns on the Transitional Justice Process in The Gambia as well as ask questions on issues they need clarifications on.

A victim of the April 14 2016 protest lauded the efforts  of the ATJLF funded project to come to their door steps and sensitize them on the TRRC reparations policy and how to access reparations. He said, “the Victims’ Center is very supportive when it comes to Victims’ affairs, I urge all victims to register with the TRRC and the Victims Center in order to be part of the interim and the final reparations package.”