The ATJLF was established to support transformative and pioneering interventions in transitional justice processes in Africa.

We support community-based, survivor-led transitional justice projects and processes in Cote D’Ivoire, The Gambia, Guinea, Liberia, Mali, North-eastern Nigeria, and Sierra Leone. We support smaller organisations and groups to deliver transformative and impactful interventions in transitional justice processes in Africa, starting with West Africa.

The ATJLF supports locally relevant and contextually appropriate transitional justice interventions in the countries of focus for the following reasons:

  • To rethinking and remodeling transitional justice approaches in the sub-region
  • To create positive changes in people’s lives (mainly survivors of conflicts and brutal dictatorships)
  • To consolidate existing gains in transitional justice initiatives in West Africa and beyond, through strategic partnerships with continental and sub-regional intergovernmental institutions
  • To serve as a route for supporting skills development and knowledge management initiatives of civil society, local and national government authorities and regional institutions, and
  • To create lasting positive impacts at country, regional and continental level.

We support African-centered approaches to transitional justice issues and fund context-driven initiatives that empower civil society and communities to engage with governments and local authorities to address wrongs of the past, promote justice for victims affected by conflicts and violence, and advance sustainable peace and good governance in the continent.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible to receive grant from the ATJLF, applicants must be;

  • A registered CSO or CBO operating in one of the seven countries of focus, (if not registered then at least 2 other credible CSOs that have been in existence for over 5 years must provide references for you)
  • Must have at least three (3) staff members (including the founder/director)
  • Must have a functional bank account in country of operation
  • Must have some operational systems in place – accounting processes and procedures, defined management structure, evidence of monthly/quarterly/semi-annual or annual financial accounting
  • Must be known or embedded in communities that have experienced atrocities or human rights violations and have strong connections and networks with victims, survivors and the community in which they operate
  • Must already be working (or willing to work) on human rights and transitional justice issues in the identified communities in the countries of focus.

ATJLF Will Not Be Funding

  • Party-Political campaigning or other political party related processes
  • Activities aimed at proselytising/religious conversion
  • Activities to incite or engage in undertakings that are violent and/or discriminatory
  • Educational scholarships or fellowships or academic research
  • Grants to Individuals, government ministries, departments or agencies or commissions
  • Requests for construction and/or purchase of buildings and land
  • Request for purchasing cars, vehicles or other larger capital equipment and investments
  • Micro-credit loan schemes or economic empowerment programmes
  • International organisations or NGOs

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